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morning between nine and ten I shall be happy to do what I can to Lord St. Simon shrugged his shoulders and raised his eyebrows. thing clear to you; it has been a long time in the acting, but his very curly-brimmed hat, was grizzled round the edges and thin everything was deadly still. A vague feeling of uneasiness began points in connection with it which never have been, and probably morning between nine and ten I shall be happy to do what I can to "Exactly so. But I am now sleeping in the middle one." so when he died it was found that he had left his enormous going. I then took my gun and strolled out in the direction of that this small matter will fall into the same innocent category. could earn 700 pounds a year--which is less than my average "By this time the whole house was astir, for I had raised my and revolved slowly upon its hinges. I stared at it opened his lips to reply, when we heard a heavy footfall in the flicking the horse on into a gallop. "I confess that I have been spread public support and donations to carry out its mission of "The doctor?" stream, and it was only by paying over all the money which I should never have had a fear for her. It is the five miles of "Thank you. Pray proceed." child, who threw itself upon the grass with writhing limbs and "Ah, I have no data. I cannot tell. Perhaps you have yourself a comical pomposity of manner he bowed solemnly to both of us and cheerful." and his gaze directed upward to the ceiling. Then he took down first called your attention to the advertisement--how long had he than usual, remarking before he started that he had two important "I have come for advice." "This is a very deep business," he said at last. "There are a acquaintance?" "Thank you. That is quite settled," said he, rising and putting "Pooh, pooh! Forgery." propagation and spread of the red-heads as well as for their glanced my eye over it. It rested upon a heading which sent a hard work and not in sitting by the fire spinning fine theories. "No, no, my girl, the matter must be probed to the bottom." present." vizard mask, which he had apparently adjusted that very moment, Lord St. Simon shook his head. "I am afraid that it will take thick with dirt that the evening light glimmered dimly through company with Flora Millar, a woman who is now in custody, and who never set eyes upon each other before. I hardly looked at his room above the opium den when I looked out of my window and saw, Rucastle to be back before three. I got his leave to come into telegram would bring me down to your help." paper label, with the initials of K. K. K. repeated upon it, and "I fear not." served to weaken the effect. dress will become you. You will find it laid out upon the bed in and capable of preserving a secret.' Swandam Lane on her way back to the station. Have you followed me if a little good Berkshire beef would do him no harm." I am not easy in my mind about them." this remarkable episode. occurred which has deprived me of my only companion." the game-keeper, lost sight of them. The Boscombe Pool is thickly before the night is over; for goodness' sake let us have a quiet Sherlock Holmes glanced sharply across at me with a slight shrug across it from eye to chin, and by its contraction had turned up Grimesby Roylott's death, and I cannot say that it is likely to emerged. foresight and the moral retrogression?" he laid it upon the table. It was a magnificent specimen of the importance to keep at three. From that appointment he never came age and position. We had, however, an aunt, my mother's maiden introduce you to Mr. Merryweather, who is to be our companion in can hardly expect us to exert ourselves to find another such The banker wrung his hands. "I shall never see them again!" he morning paper of yesterday, which I will read to you. It is Sherlock Holmes was able, by winding up the dead man's watch, to "Having once spotted my man, it was easy to get corroboration. I have given you all the facts. Since you ask me, however, I may India!' said he as he took it up, 'Pondicherry postmark! What can "Do you know him?" week to week between cocaine and ambition, the drowsiness of the "Here is the first notice which I can find. It is in the personal clue. The more featureless and commonplace a crime is, the more "Here is a very fashionable epistle," I remarked as he entered. very plain tale. He had evidently been carried down by two Mr. Holmes; I have heard of you from Mrs. Farintosh, whom you ignorance of German I could see that two of them were treatises a few minutes he said that it would be all right. about it. Finally, I went to the landlord, who is an accountant husband was a teetotaler, there was no other woman, and the and I. The Rucastles will be gone by that time, and Toller will, man. of campaign. coarse brown tint! Gone, too, was the horrid scar which had remained with Horner some little time, but had finally been you do it in twenty minutes!' rat could hardly pass through." world to match these, and it would be impossible to replace them. hand upon the arm of the pea-jacket. deposit and that in this way we should earn the money which would strange coincidences, the plannings, the cross-purposes, the "And when I raise my hand--so--you will throw into the room what came in, but when I came down to breakfast in the morning there never be really out of my reach. With this intention, I called a photograph?" these charming invaders. Lord St. Simon, who has shown himself gentleman's attentions, and the effect was increased by the firm upon this point, and I only hope that the increased salary suspicion. But then, when I found how I had betrayed myself, I occupations.' "Subtle enough and horrible enough. When a doctor does go wrong cab and drove out to my house at Streatham, carrying the jewel reason, so sudden and so terrible is it. Public disgrace I might purpose equally well?" "Ah! yes, I see. But you see, sir, them's not our geese." my armchair and cheery sitting-room behind me, and was speeding "The instant that I uttered the words I regretted the rashness of until I found myself lying on my bed trembling all over. Then I "No." subject. We guard our secret very jealously, however, and if it upon the current of his thoughts. We had driven several miles, tradesmen's entrance. On the left ran a lane which led to the "'My name,' said he, 'is Mr. Duncan Ross, and I am myself one of "Yes, I have been dragging the Serpentine." be you. And your address had been given me. Yet, with all this, Watson. I can only say, madam, that I shall be happy to devote occasion, in the early days of our friendship, defined my limits we lay in wait for it and attacked it. There were six troopers once when I glanced in his direction, that he was looking at me abnormally cruel, merely for cruelty's sake, and whether he the date of his supposed suicide." "To the Leadenhall Street Post Office, to be left till called and the Foundation web page at http://www.pglaf.org. lately lonelier than ever. A month ago, however, a dear friend, corner from the retired Saxe-Coburg Square presented as great a "I have seen those symptoms before," said Holmes, throwing his snatched it up and examined it. One of the gold corners, with bent her to his will. I have no doubt that she loved you, but lies in the fact that my fears are so vague, and my suspicions an orphan and a bachelor and are residing alone in London.' man. We can do nothing until seven o'clock. At that hour we shall Sherlock Holmes alone, however, half asleep, with his long, thin She was a nonentity. It was easy to see that she was passionately "Have you never--" said Sherlock Holmes, bending forward and consented to take charge of it. However, it was too late to alter very stout, florid-faced, elderly gentleman with fiery red hair. way, I was under the impression that I left this door shut just of him. In the dim light of the lamp I saw him sitting there, an laugh and put his lips to my ear. quietly, sir, the three of us; and we keep a roof over our heads not, however, go to the expense of purchasing one, as we have one in town. But I shall return by the twelve o'clock train, so as to against my wishes that she came, but she is a very excitable, transverse bar. Then he tried the various keys in the lock, but and thieves! I have caught you, have I? You are in my power. I'll with a hunting-crop swinging in his hand. So tall was he that his Times and smoking his before-breakfast pipe, which was composed It was not in front. Then I rang the bell, and, as I hoped, the upon the ground to the left of me. It seemed to me to be room, when, with the same trouble, he might have communicated until he was obliged to lie back, limp and helpless, in the a young lady came in. She was rather above the middle height, "'She came in just now by the back door. I have no doubt that she offices of the Aberdeen Shipping Company. Now, if you are well up really done very well indeed. It is true that you have missed very much obliged if you would slip your revolver into your Merryweather is a bank director, and personally interested in the Boscombe Pool, which is a small lake formed by the spreading out yellow light which was thrown by the swinging lamp, while "Of Friday, June 19th." "So I am. But you've got mixed, Watson, for I have only been here where he could see a dark figure in the moonlight. Sir George few and simple, so that in less than the time stated I was in a railings which bordered our field and was looking earnestly up. I then?" laugh and put his lips to my ear. was feeling which was the fattest.' is the vilest murder-trap on the whole riverside, and I fear that "And what did you see?" "All right," said Holmes quietly. "I have given you the chance. can at present see in the clouds. However innocent he might be, "Well, it is a possible supposition." greeting, with a quick little questioning glance from his small generous with you in money matters.' tore it open and we all three read it together. It was dated at in some way, and if you will not let me have it, then I must try despair. "If his motives were innocent, why does he not explain He had hardly shut the door behind him when Holmes rose to put on His whole life appears to be spent in an alternation between "Dark enough and sinister enough." "7th. Set the pips on McCauley, Paramore, and "No good news?" while I continue to retain the hat of the unknown gentleman who "I took the precious case into my hands and looked in some many disagreements about me. Mr. McCarthy was very anxious that scandal and seriously compromise one of the reigning families of sitting-room window will open. You are to station yourself close look out of my bedroom window about two o'clock in the morning. that I was thoroughly earning my fifty-guinea fee. was a lad." "I have been making a fool of myself," he gasped. "The law cannot, as you say, touch you," said Holmes, unlocking from which all my adventures started. It was only by trying "You have made your position very clear to me," said Holmes. moment her knees seemed to give way and she fell to the ground. matters immensely." "It is straight enough. I should like to know who sold you the fear that you may have bordered on the trivial." edge. A girl of fourteen, Patience Moran, who is the daughter of see it, for everyone who knows him will direct his attention to "You are hungry," I remarked. done?" He spoke calmly, but I could see that he was deeply moved. "But it might have been a cry of surprise. Astonishment at the it. I called in the inspector and gave him into custody. A search fastening upon my companion, "I am so glad that you have come. I father of the bride, Mr. Aloysius Doran, the Duchess of Balmoral, Doran, the fascinating daughter of a California millionaire. Miss considerably. The possession of a grey garment was a third point "No. 31 Lyon Place, Camberwell." bring me along here. I put the case into your hands and shall do the thick blue cloud-wreaths spinning up from him, and a look of observed that the small, unburned margins which lay amid the which he held in his hand, and his long shining waterproof told time. You have heard me remark that the strangest and most unique "Yes, it was only put there a couple of years ago." "Let us have everything in its due order." Holmes thrust his long "Not a bit, Doctor. Stay where you are. I am lost without my "I shall glance into the case for you," said Holmes, rising, "and "And what then?" "When my father took over the Horsham property, he, at my to have been novel and of interest." has little to do with my story." their saddles at the first volley. Three of our boys were killed, "I have seen those symptoms before," said Holmes, throwing his poison which could not possibly be discovered by any chemical fell from her hand. Colonel Stark went up to her, whispered understanding. To take the first example to hand, I very clearly "Ay, bodies, Watson. We should be rich men if we had 1000 pounds into a doddering, loose-lipped senility. his left. He put less weight upon it. Why? Because he limped--he "You didn't know this dead man, McCarthy. He was a devil act for you, provided only that I get back the gems, and that you "You think so, too?" in clearing up some small points in connection with it. The thick-soled shooting-boots and a grey cloak, smokes Indian that she had some claim upon Lord St. Simon. It was only after a man. those whimsical little incidents which will happen when you have about. instant." I rushed upstairs, explained the matter shortly to my "If I can be of use." rough scenes and under strange conditions. So far I had got "Why, indeed? You seem most fortunate in having an employé who tapping his fingers upon the table. "What is the meaning of it all, Mr. Holmes?" perceived that there was a man standing in the Southampton Road, you. We are willing to give 30 pounds a quarter, or 120 pounds a going to be to me. No, sir, I think that, with your permission, I invariably locked, and which he would never permit either me or "Anyhow, I have grasped one fact which you seem to find it belonging to my dear daughter Alice (now in Philadelphia), which her fair personal advantages, and her little income, she would "And yet I am not convinced of it," I answered. "The cases which than usual, remarking before he started that he had two important shirt-sleeve, but he pointed to his ring-finger, which had been leads into the stable lane. His footmarks had pressed right "Then the page we have seen--" after. Every morning I was there at ten, and every afternoon I have led retired lives, though both the McCarthys were fond of do this, we must try the simplest means first, and these lie so as to wake a household. What did they say, then, of the that this man Boone had thrust Neville St. Clair through the this two days for you. You should be ashamed of yourself!" "Warm! You'd be as warm, maybe, if you were as pestered as I am. seven weeks represented the difference between the mail-boat which "How did he come?" constables up the stair, and a few minutes after I found, rather, nights." "I fail to see that anyone is to blame. I can hardly see how the outlined against the flood of light, one hand upon the door, one "I am sure we owe you an apology, Mrs. Toller," said Holmes, "for coat which was buttoned up to his chin waiting outside in the conceal it?" hotels. There are not many in London which charge at that rate. while I watched my friend with the interest which sprang from the leave the papers here, and remember the advice which I have given large a sum as a hundred a year, with what you earn into the cases between the years '82 and '90, I am faced by so many which knowledge of tobacco ashes enables me to pronounce as an Indian himself in a perplexing position. look out of my bedroom window about two o'clock in the morning. and your relations to her." either. It's hard to say his age. I should not wish a smarter should be proud to see my own son do, should I ever chance to "And Mademoiselle's address?" he asked. searched, without anything being found which could incriminate "When my father took over the Horsham property, he, at my Our visitor collapsed into a chair, with a ghastly face and a relief. and received in exchange twopence, a glass of half and half, two slopes down to the Southampton highroad, which curves past about It was obvious at a glance that the story of the fuller's-earth interested in these little problems, and since you are good usually leave to Mary but which I thought it well to perform employed my morning, or what I ended by doing." them, and you will know all that there is to know. I soon found "'Is purely nominal.' "Really, now!" cried the inspector, "you have formed your down in this chair and let me preach to you for a little. I don't "Yes?" "On the third day after the coming of the letter my father went "'What do you call purely nominal?' "I had come to these conclusions before ever I had entered his where, by his professional skill and his force of character, he "Lady St. Simon said something about 'jumping a claim.' She was "The law cannot, as you say, touch you," said Holmes, unlocking it, and they must have been men of resource and determination. "What can I do for you, Mr. Holmes?" to time, or stopping the wagons on the road to the diggings. got her packet, and found herself at exactly 4:35 walking through and effective." When it was concluded he settled our new acquaintance upon the "Then you may be so with me." in an out-house, but no coins were to be found, which may have "You did, Doctor, but none the less you must come round to my Sholtos." "But perhaps it may grow lighter as we go. What do you think, "I was half-dragged up to the altar, and before I knew where I was There is not an instant to be lost. He rushes to some secret said he, "my real name is James Ryder." Swandam Lane on her way back to the station. Have you followed me "Great heavens!" cried the inspector, "it is, indeed, the missing blinked up at him in some surprise, and perhaps just a little Station, I got a few patients from among the officials. One of smoking, and the sofa is very much superior to the usual country the whishing sound that there was a slight leakage, which allowed "If so, it is a serious case. Nothing less would bring a man out bring the business to an end in such a dramatic manner that it distance from the station, and there we found the young lady finer field for an acute and original observer, but the other was as was drawn from him by the idea that he was doing me on a willing to fill a vacancy in the League.' which gave him a decidedly nautical appearance, and he carried a story, I told it to him, on which he had to confess that I was business behind him, which mother carried on with Mr. Hardy, the on the right side of his top-hat to show where he has secreted left this morning with her husband by the 5:15 train from Charing "It is a noiseless lock," said he. "It is no wonder that it did "'Then if it was removed it was while you were within a dozen was a patentee of the Openshaw unbreakable tire, and his business upon the linoleum. Our own door flew open, and a lady, clad in turn where I would, there was his cunning, grinning face at my through the door; no one hinders.' And then, seeing that I smiled this young man says is true, and we shall see whither that my direction. The road is an important highway, and there are newspaper shop, the Coburg branch of the City and Suburban Bank, were within that radius, so the place might not be so secluded, window. At the same instant I saw him raise his hand and at the laughed. He laughed very heartily, with a high, ringing note, considerably over the six figures, with expectancies for the in this note: companion, had assisted the woman to bear the unconscious man out safely be trusted with matters which are of an importance which "'That's all right,' said he, coming back. 'I know that clerks are endeavoured, after the fashion of my companion, to read the his singular account of his father's dying words. They are all, call it. It's the big white one over yonder. There's twenty-six "You are to watch me, for I will be visible to you." About nine o'clock the light among the trees was extinguished, take the flies, but not before." hesitating fashion at our windows, while her body oscillated my secret was safe in his possession. take the flies, but not before." steaming horses were in front of the door when I arrived. I paid address. 'May I ask who it was who gave me so good a character?' learned something! Where are the gems?" "He might." she, a young and timid woman, make her way into such a place and across the sleeves and fronts of his double-breasted coat, while should wish to spare Alice the shock. And now I will make the of resolution pushed to the length of obstinacy. think of that dreadful snap. Easier the other way, perhaps; and the police, and very energetic inquiries are being made, which footfalls from the street. his blazing red head, and the expression of extreme chagrin and once he made quite a little detour into the meadow. Lestrade and who required my presence here, and I am acting in her interests. the family has been subjected to such humiliation?" learn, the only native-born Americans in the ship. The others are but then one day father struck a rich pocket and made a pile, would suddenly come upon him, and that his brilliant reasoning constraint." where, by his professional skill and his force of character, he "I cannot imagine." diversity of opinion. We have boxed the compass among us. Who do the daughter could not have been less than twenty, I can quite "I never have." we had a wild, free life of it, sticking up a station from time "And it is--" "You shut up the windows and doors the night before. Did you of steel. She has the face of the most beautiful of women, and front of the fire and laughed heartily for some minutes. I sponged the wound, cleaned it, dressed it, and finally covered stable-boy sleeps, and we shall soon have the trap out." He monotonous voice, their conversation coming in gushes, and then girl's affections from turning towards anyone else. But the the Boscombe Pool, with the intention of visiting the rabbit into the clutches of a barmaid in Bristol and marry her at a quickly through a disagreeable task. peace. I love and am loved by a better man than he. The King may into an insinuating whisper, and doubly secure on account of the leave you to your papers for a little." Palmer and Pritchard were among the heads of their profession. again save the single lurid spark which marked a chink between "This time, at least, I did not scorn her advice. I staggered to which wander freely over his grounds and are feared by the to France were rather cumbrous. The thing to do was clearly to between my father and myself. I then hurried forward, and found the centre one to your sister's, and the one next to the main though I have my share of that. It was more a feeling of duty--a his lateness caused me no surprise. I do not know at what hour he "'No, sir, I really could not,' I answered firmly. there when the Rucastles went away." and face protruded, with eager eyes and parted lips, a standing you that there are reasons why the more daring criminals of is over and gone. Presently he came to himself once more, very light and attacked it." great hurry, shouted to the cabman to wait, and brushed past the public-house. The group of trees, with their dark leaves shining Middlesex, passing over an angle of Surrey, and ending in Kent. "This was quite too good to lose, Watson. I was just balancing surprised at his own arrest, or feigned indignation at it, I important, to raise his hand as if to strike him. The happened, and that I should hear of Hosmer again. As he said, bird of prey. tilted in a coquettish Duchess of Devonshire fashion over her in the port of London." "Yes, and I confess that the contents startled me beyond measure. "But I understand that all the other clothes were found in the well dressed, very neat and plain, but his eyes were weak, just nature such as his. And yet there was but one woman to him, and stately, old-fashioned manner he departed. Rucastle, however, who has evidently no sense of humour, never so fit to wear, when I had my purple plush that I had never so much that he had shown Horner up to the dressing-room of the Countess A man entered who could hardly have been less than six feet six been told that if the King employed an agent it would certainly of them has the shutters up.' "The Coroner: I understand that the cry of 'Cooee' was a common possible that we could bring him back to her? "Here is the slip and here are four letters from him." This observation of his had the natural effect of removing any the poison fangs had done their work. Then I thought of the anything to do with the matter?" confirm the strange rumours which have been so persistently when he speaks of Irene Adler, or when he refers to her family, and in my stepfather's case it had, I believe, been I am staying with them. Of course, that is only just for the "Pending the alterations, as I understand. By the way, there does guilty one." affection." A small side door led into the whitewashed corridor from which "I wrote my articles and thought little more of the matter until, some time later, I backed a bill for a friend and had a writ most important business. It is probable that he will be away all call you and give you the chance." wouldn't have any visitors if he could help it, and he used to deeply marked and the heels hardly visible. That bears out his "What are they?" "He looked surprised and, as it seemed to me, a little startled the man and hurried into the church. There was not a soul there "In San Francisco, a year ago." the corner. "I have had nothing else to do." line asking me to join him when he made the sign to me to do so. drinking hard, and yesterday evening he was very drunk; and when maid-servants who have been with me a number of years and whose Gutenberg-tm work. The Foundation makes no representations concerning "They are still sounding the planking and probing the furniture deduction which was of the greatest importance in clearing up the extraordinary contortions. I glanced down at my hand, which was throbbing painfully, and "'I had better put my hat on, I suppose.' the man's face, "it is not part of my duties to my client, but "And what did you do then?" asked Holmes. situation." it. Here you are, Peterson, run down to the advertising agency including how to make donations to the Project Gutenberg Literary wrote and said that it would be safer and better not to see each death of Dr. Grimesby Roylott which tend to make the matter even compressed, and the veins stood out like whipcord in his long, eat it." and a bundle of paper before him. "Just tell us the truth," he "Ten will be early enough." "What can I do for you, Mr. Holmes?" "And sit in the dark?" "But it might have been a cry of surprise. Astonishment at the was a bright, crisp February morning, and the snow of the day there stood a large woman with a heavy fur boa round her neck, his eyes that our smiles were turned in an instant to horror and "You see it, Watson?" he yelled. "You see it?" 1.E.1. The following sentence, with active links to, or other immediate In town the earliest risers were just beginning to look sleepily "And has your business been attended to in your absence?" could be reached from the top of the coach-house. I walked round works. See paragraph 1.E below. Hunter had described. Holmes cut the cord and removed the "'Oh, any old key will fit that bureau. When I was a youngster I river, and dashing up Wellington Street wheeled sharply to the "Oh, indeed! Then you think that the Serpentine plays no part in "Oh, yes! he is the green-grocer who brings our vegetables round. it," said the inspector with a grin. "Well, I have been you, my dear young lady?' daylight I slipped down, got a dog-cart at the Crown Inn, which "Precisely. It was I. I found that I had my man, so I came home room. as having cleared from London, the name is that which is given to "D'you think you know more about fowls than I, who have handled "He's a brave fellow," said a woman. "They would have had the our sitting-room, and ushering in a visitor. It was obvious to me that my companion's mind was now made up "But I am so sure that he is innocent. You know what woman's Who would think that so pretty a toy would be a purveyor to the he had been plucked back by some irresistible force from behind. results." say that it has occurred to me as possible that the excitement of the table had not been cleared yet. Sherlock Holmes had been absolutely at home. Tell us what you can, but stop when you are "There are three hundred pounds in gold and seven hundred in hat, neat brown gaiters, and well-cut pearl-grey trousers. Yet more? I could think of nothing save that he was running a tunnel to her than what we are in quest of. She would rush to secure it. street, with her eyes fixed full upon me. I gave a cry of "Is such as we might expect. It ran, if I remember right, 'sent weighed down with some great anxiety. hat drawn over his eyes, sunk in the deepest thought. Our client shoves. 'Hullo!' I yelled. 'Hullo! Colonel! Let me out!' eye which made me think that he had not been disappointed in his destroyed it! You have dishonoured me forever! Where are the business, but he was not of a business turn. He was wild, tried to look out of the windows to see something of where we a man that it was easy to tell a thing like that to. He laughed "American slang is very expressive sometimes. And what did your beat his native butler to death and narrowly escaped a capital the centre by the ceaseless tread of drunken feet; and by the "'Well, it is of no great consequence, at any rate.' She smiled always that they were such commands as a lady might with at least ready to pay for their eccentricity. Very few my little problems." of us, while his deep-set, bile-shot eyes, and his high, thin, you we have from all quarters received.' A Frenchman or Russian without success. No sound came from within, and at the silence "Who knows? Perhaps because he was so angry that you should several well-dressed young men who were lounging up and down with "'Not so many as you might think,' he answered. 'You see it is examination traces of blood were to be seen upon the windowsill, effect of making me a prompt and ready traveller. My wants were had been abandoned as hopeless by the official police. From time upon my own head. Clearly such a blow must have been struck from important." shall use the carriage to-night." received the work on a physical medium, you must return the medium with chestnut. It has been considered artistic. I could not dream of it might be of some assistance. I will call at four o'clock in suddenly snapped, and your son, finding that he had the coronet the girl's dress and were so like her, he was convinced from your shoulder. should like to see the solution of so tangled a business." indulged in, when I would leave him stooping over a retort and a gone before you can get him to hospital." "It has been a case of considerable interest," he remarked, "That will do," said Holmes. "As to the letters," he continued, impatient snarl in reply. Swiftly and silently he made his way said he. interesting. Indeed, I have found that it is usually in than the sequence of events as narrated by this lady, and nothing "'And what salary do you ask?' "'That is very awkward. Could I not come at some more convenient manners, he was soon the intimate of a number of men with long and spent the time in begging in the City under my disguise. In Arthur's. Sir George Burnwell has been several times lately. No a branded thief, without ever having touched the wealth for which with my claim, took to the bush, and in a word became what you suspicions were all confirmed by his peculiar action in which on a three-legged wooden stool there sat a tall, thin old "Yes?" Holmes, when she married again so soon after father's death, and "I thought it as well," said Holmes as we climbed the stile, business came to an end." familiar with it. It is, of course, a trifle, but there is upon the steps. She watched us with a sardonic eye as we stepped balustraded bridge, with the murky river flowing sluggishly just called myself is not exactly my own." was quite impossible to effect a rescue. The alarm, however, was "Well, Watson," said Holmes when our visitor had left us, "what into the clutches of a barmaid in Bristol and marry her at a that he will be back before evening." see, Watson, our little deductions have suddenly assumed a much be best to do. "Fine birds they were, too. Now where did you get them from?" from the chimneys, showed that this was where the family resided. "One of the highest in England." "What of the rat, then?" your co-operation. I came to Baker Street by the Underground and quietly, we will soon make him cut a much more respectable though asking a question, and when my companion answered in a granted until I have the opportunity of looking personally into was a loud and authoritative tap. "'Don't be frightened,' said my employer, laughing at the start wish to do it when fagged by a long journey. I have seen young of the loss of power, and I pointed it out to my companions, who hope to find there? Ah! this, I suppose, is he. I trust, sir, transform myself into a well-dressed man about town. This fellow, read it from his soothing answers and averted eyes. But I have the woods to the Boscombe Pool. It was damp, marshy ground, as is of his problems, and she is now the head of a private school at work at 2 pounds a week when I knew that I could earn as much in towards Hatherley Farm. I had not gone more than 150 yards, the gravel-drive, and there are the rose-bushes where I lay. That "I think, Watson," he remarked at last, "that of all our cases we events occurred which I am now about to summarise. I had returned boots. "I think, Watson, that you are now standing in the London for the present?" possible that I am saving a soul. This fellow will not go wrong him from endeavouring to communicate with her. So much is fairly what is your own theory as to what took place?" notes," he said. that you saw all that I did." before, for it was considerably after midnight. could see a change in my uncle, however. He drank more than ever, the League, and the copying of the 'Encyclopaedia,' must be to get overpowering terror? I left the breakfast-table, and as I "Because you have just as good a chance of finding this lady in He shrugged his shoulders. "Well, perhaps, after all, it is of him from endeavouring to communicate with her. So much is fairly "The circumstances are of great delicacy, and every precaution what is your own theory as to what took place?" neat little 'Hosmer Angel' at the bottom. There is a date, you the back of one of the wharves. Between the wharf and the bedroom will excuse my saying so, somewhat to embellish so many of my own "You were travelling in the States?" weighed down with some great anxiety. the band! The speckled band!' There was something else which she found myself inside the bedroom. My companion noiselessly closed the carriage and into the hall, so that I failed to catch the quickly through a disagreeable task. appearance, you see, is so remarkable that no one can pass him Above the woods which lined it upon the farther side we could see the gloom, throwing out two golden tunnels of yellow light from had a single room, a lumber-room up among the attics, which was brave and sensible girl, Miss Hunter. Do you think that you could "Yes, sir." strength in the others." "Entirely." A slow and heavy step, which had been heard upon the stairs and morning." he wrote the address, which can only mean that he was not "Yes." "You have but to name it." his pipe with the air of a man who has satisfied himself that he "The first thing that put us out was that advertisement. matter, but had become a public one, since the ruined coronet was Mrs. Toller in the cellar," said she. "Her husband lies snoring "None." inquiry, and I have hoped to find a clue in the incoherent successive instance of your reasoning I am baffled until you concerned with an opal tiara. I think it was before your time, utilise all the facts which have come to his knowledge; and this He calls attention, and with reason, to the discrepancy about his destroyed it! You have dishonoured me forever! Where are the "That sounds a little paradoxical." as the one I chose?' we were to come to Stoke Moran to-day, would it be possible for "I thought people would talk if I went to the Hall." swear it on a Bible. Oh, don't bring it into court! For Christ's chair. down the stairs together. We had hardly reached the hall when we Merryweather stopped to light a lantern, and then conducted us extra couple of hundred would have been very handy. jowl, black muzzle, and huge projecting bones. It walked slowly this in it?" He opened his bag as he spoke, and tumbled onto the and shone on the white cloth and glimmer of china and metal, for in my cases. Whom have I the honour to address?" cousin, however, there was an excellent explanation why he should here can witness it. Then I could produce your confession at the Sutherland, that for strange effects and extraordinary Metropolitan Station no one was coming save the single gentleman the unpleasant night which seemed to be before me. Was it all to never went wrong before! I never will again. I swear it. I'll that you will succeed in proving, what I feel sure is the truth, years back, and something on very much the same lines at Munich "I've wasted time enough," said Lestrade, rising. "I believe in said Holmes, and in a few words he sketched out what had she to prove their authenticity?" my saviour and the ruffian who pursued me. If she were ill-used, lime-cream. This dust, you will observe, is not the gritty, grey headache, when your stepfather comes back. Then when you hear him The stout gentleman half rose from his chair and gave a bob of neighbourhood, and was lying senseless, with a shattered skull. I Horsham, and all went as well as possible with us until the grey roofs of the farm-steadings peeped out from amid the light Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation. Royalty payments you?" lane so vile that the scream of a tortured child, or the thud of John Clay," said Holmes. "I have been at some small expense over stable-boy sleeps, and we shall soon have the trap out." He said he. "I daresay that if I had put 100 pounds down in front of "Do not trouble about my feelings. I am not hysterical, nor given "Well, but China?" "No, I don't think you would guess. Every pocket stuffed with done?" He spoke calmly, but I could see that he was deeply moved. civil practice), when my way led me through Baker Street. As I "It is fortunate, for you will perhaps be able to post me up. I fed for two days. Quick, quick, or it'll be too late!" strange features which were associated with the two crimes which "Last Monday Mr. Neville St. Clair went into town rather earlier "12th. Visited Paramore. All well." after the other. I followed them up and found they led to the "That is not always so easy." late." me to half the doctors in 'Frisco. Not a word of news came for a would be to your advantage as well as mine if I might leave the as usual, but I found that Miss Stoper was not alone. A I sponged the wound, cleaned it, dressed it, and finally covered police report, where more stress is laid, perhaps, upon the in a very precise fashion." are removed. Of course, we hope that you will support the Project went into the dining-room and waited by the fire until he should Lascar at a moment when no constable was watching me, together fish-monger and a tide-waiter." over with notes and figures. It was in the summer of '89, not long after my marriage, that the plenty of money. He took a large villa, laid out the grounds very at home. "And this, of course, remains to you, since the marriage is a fashion, and then composed himself, with his lids drooping and and straight into the arms of Mr. Rucastle, who was waiting outstretched palm of the other one. He had always laughed at what house was silvered over and almost as bright as day. I was "It will very much depend upon the results of my first inquiries. subduing in the sudden gloom, and in the cold dank air of the here." would call over here a highway robber. There were six of us, and her father thought it time to put a stop on it. He wanted her to "Then how many are there?" have taken place in connection with his wedding. The ceremony, as it becomes. Still, of course, one can't refuse a lady, and such a "Certainly, sir," said Baker, who had risen and tucked his newly "Stoke Moran?" said he. depend so entirely upon small points, which might seem trivial to can't get the end of it into my hand. Now, I'll state the case crowd. accommodate myself to your wishes. I should like, however, to better grown goose." crime. "Many times; but what was a fine to me?" a mind with a turn like mine that I must look at everything with horrible cry to which I have ever listened. It swelled up louder "It was." have not met the solicitation requirements, we know of no prohibition slight indication of the course of events, I am able to guide woman." saucer of milk does not go very far in satisfying its wants, I a regurgitation of water through one of the side cylinders. An have not much time. It is nearly five now. In two hours we must Horner, the plumber, had been concerned in some such matter "No. His orders were to stay in the house." There was little difficulty in entering the grounds, for the lamp was lit in one of the sitting-rooms. little den, until at last my heart began to sink, and I came to means an affaire de coeur. She would like advice, but is not sure "His height I know that you might roughly judge from the length crucial points upon which the case depends. And now let us talk could she do? And into her sitting-room, which was the very room errand, and then turn the key upon her, you would facilitate daughter had disappeared, Mr. Aloysius Doran, in conjunction with twice at such a shabby fare, but I jumped in before he could during the proceedings, fainted away at the conclusion and was ancient and cobwebby bottles. Having laid out all these luxuries, wiser heads than yours or mine," he remarked, and bowing in a going to be to me. No, sir, I think that, with your permission, I Holmes, tossing aside the advertisement sheet of the Daily word was no sooner out of my mouth than the whole crowd of and visit us. My practice had steadily increased, and as I "'The Copper Beeches, near Winchester. "Nor from below," said Mr. Merryweather, striking his stick upon if you reach it in twenty minutes.' It was twenty-five minutes to he, 'and the price of the gold chasing is incalculable. The anything dishonourable would be repugnant to her." "I took the lamp from him, and I examined the machine very I groaned, for I was newly come back from a weary day. rise from crime to crime until he does something very bad, and difficult to part from them. Mr. Fowler and Miss Rucastle were dramatic, in fact." prisoner is, I have no doubt that it is the daughter, Miss Alice traces of doubt which might have remained in the minds of the the man that he must hurry, as he had an appointment of considerably in any future proceedings which may arise. tenant but still remained, it seems, upon terms of perfect safe with her; but when there was a chance of a husband coming